A lot of people have been asking me questions about the fin 310 assignment so after i discussed with the Lecturer on phone am going to give out the guidelines,take note the deadline is on tues 20th of dec.

1-if you are using a journal then it must meet all the specifications i.e (editorial board,abstract,introduction,and reference/bibliograph) 

2-if you are using an article/journal online then it is not compulsory  for it to have editorial board,matter of  fact it cant have an editorial board bcos it is single and not a collection,but it must have abstract,introduction and bibliography/reference

3-you are to submit a minimum of 2 articles,but you are to register one with your leader to make sure nobody has taken it,then you are to summarise one.

4-you are to spiral bind the 2,and you are to put the summary inside the journal sumarised,remember the summary should be done in either a full scap or two full scap i.e a maximumof 8 pages 

note:when choosing an article it must have two major elements from your topic,e.g if you are in the group of (systemic risk in banking) your article should have systemic risk and banking in it.

am sorry am just posting this i talked with him just yesterday,but try and tell as many people as you can if possible direct them to this site for a better explanation.Take Care.


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