Lil Wayne wears jeggings: does this make them more or less acceptable?

Women are still split on the concept of jeggings—when we polled Shine readers 44% swore by the jean-legging hybrids, 35% were indifferent but wouldn’t wear them, and 21% said they hated them. “Project Runway” mentor Tim Gunn has shunned them. Conan O’Brien wore a pair on air saying he was “obsessed with jeggings,” but we think he was kidding.

One guy who loves jeggings in a completely non-ironic way? Lil Wayne! We swear. The rapper wore a leopard pair by Tripp NYC at last Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. The clothing brand confirmed that Lil Wayne in fact was wearing their women’s jeggings—just in a large size. The Bleach Leopard Pant is available for $44 on If Lil Wayne can rock them, we’re guessing they’d look cute on a female.

So now jeggings have finally earned some street cred. But does Lil Wayne’s fashion choice make you more or less likely to wear them?


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